MLS® Access / Data Sharing Subscriber Membership

This allows you a Login Id and Password to CKAR's MLS® Database. You will only have access to Chatham-Kent listings, you will not have access to any other board's listings.

CKAR uses CoreLogic's system called Matrix.

This service only allows MLS® System access and does not include any other benefits of Membership.

Fee: $200 +HST per calendar quarter (there are no monthly subscriptions)

Subscriber Agreement Online Form

Interboard Listings

To list a property on our MLS® System, please enter on your Home Board first. This will upload your listing to®. Once active, send us the required paperwork.

To access our Data Input forms, please visit WEBForms™ and change board to “Chatham-Kent”

Fee: $70 +HST per listing

*Fee is applicable regardless of the jurisdiction of the property.

CKAR Interboard Policy CKAR Interboard Sale Reporting Online Form

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