Interboard Listings Policy

Documents Required

  •  A copy of Windsor-Essex Sarnia Chatham Data Entry Form. (ALL Shaded Fields are mandatory, therefore MUST be filled in. If these are not done the forms will be rejected. All forms are available on Webforms).
  •  A clear copy of the listing as it appears on your Home Board’s MLS system in .pdf format only.
  •  Photo(s) At least 1 photo is required for ALL listings, except for vacant land (without any buildings). No office or agent information may be shown in any photo (ex. Firm member sign). Maximum of 30 pictures in .jpeg format (1 main photo and 29 secondary photos). Make sure to have all photos clearly marked for order.
  •   We will accept credit cards using the payment form below (Visa and MasterCard)

Please email all documents and photos to:


Please send any virtual tours (Unbranded) or documents that are also to be included in the listing. Once your listing is active, you will receive an email showing as it appears on our Board. Please allow 1-3 business days for processing.

Please review carefully. Although CKAR makes every effort to avoid errors, the listing salesperson will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information posted on our MLS® system.

CKAR must receive the following changes for all Interboard Listings (at no additional charge): Solds, Conditional Solds, Price Changes, Cancellations, Suspensions, Extensions & Amendments.

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